A Very Merry Christmas…

As Christmas comes ever closer, we are starting to wind down for the holidays… But there are more of you who leave your shopping until the last moment! Which is more stress on you, the shopper and on the staff. 

Orders Delivery #Christmas #BedroomTaboo #Intimacy #RT #AdultToys #SexToys #AdultBiz

To ensure your order gets to you for Christmas, email your order to us by Mon 17th to have your order processed and sent to you as soon as possible via invoice. 
Orders made through the website via Card Processing will take conciderably longer and cannot be rushed. Afraid this is out of our control so we want you to have the quickest possible shopping experience.

Have you been seeing our offers being added to our Sales Section every day? NO!?? Where have you been??!
Every day there has been an offer a day being added to our website as well as our Offers Album on Facebook. There you will get full details on each offer that we have. Ensure you get your orders in before they expire.

Closed Holidays #Christmas #BedroomTaboo #Intimacy #RT #AdultToys #SexToys #AdultBiz

We shall be closed from 22nd Dec until 1st Jan. Our shop shall still be open and able to process orders but please take into account that we are on holiday as you are. So emails and orders will be processed slower than normal.

We do hope your have a festive filled Holiday and a propserous New Year. Thank you for all of your support and we look forward to seeing you in 2019.
#Christmas #BedroomTaboo #Intimacy #RT #AdultToys #SexToys #AdultBiz


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